Selva is Spanish for “Jungle”—a word that represents everything I love about life.

It is a place that overflows with nature, diversity, and adventure. A selva provides elements of purity and raw unpredictability, allowing us to appreciate the beauty that is both within us and surrounds us. Those are the elements I seek to capture.

I've always had an innate attraction to the Spanish language and Latin America itself. After graduating college, I packed up my things and bought a one-way ticket to Chile to teach English for a year. My year abroad in South America turned into eight, and I returned to Chicago as a mother, a wife, and with a whole new perspective on life. I have a passion for the outdoors, traveling, yoga, and most importantly, laughing. I am also a certified Birth Doula (if you are pregnant, let's chat!). I love deeply, live passionately, and the camera lens is a channel through which that energy flows.


I would love to work with you in making your vision come to life, and I welcome your ideas and inspiration with open arms. I take the time to ensure you feel safe and comfortable during our shoot while also having a fun, enjoyable experience. As I tell my clients, "I got you!"

Each and every photo I provide to you is carefully retouched, but I will never alter your face or body to change your appearance. You are beautiful just as you are, and I appreciate and respect the diversity that exists among us.

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