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mini session


A great (and quick) way to get a handful of beautiful family photos. Mini sessions are high energy, fast moving shoots. They are held at a pre-determined location, and 20-minute time slots are reserved in advance. Included in the price are 4 professionally retouched digital images. Mini sessions are perfect for holiday and seasonal photos. If you are looking for a longer, more personalized photoshoot, scroll down to learn more about a customized classic or full session.

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starting at $225*

You want to choose your location, date and time, and want a bit more personalization than a mini session provides. Classic sessions are a happy medium between a mini and full session. Fully customizable with 6 professionally retouched digital images included, classic sessions are around 30 minutes in length and a great option for any special moment you're longing to capture.

*Additional charge for travel of 10+ miles

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full session

starting at $350*

If you are looking to document a milestone or have a variety of poses and backdrops in mind, then a full session is for you. These sessions are held at your desired time & location and last between 45-60 minutes. 10 professionally retouched digital images are included. Full sessions are tailored to your wants and vision and are fully customizable.

*Additional charge for travel of 10+ miles

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Additional digital image

$20 per digital image download

Beautiful pictures of you and your loved ones are sometimes hard to resist. You will be able to choose the photos included in your session package from your gallery. Any additional digital image downloads you would like to purchase outside of your session package can be purchased directly through your gallery.

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